Saturday, 28 November 2015

November 2015

Hello..I am still here..

The last two years have been very busy! Mostly with getting prepared for our move! This time last year 2014, we went to look at a house but did not get it. We were upset, but what God did give us was amazing!

December 2014, we went to look at a flat, bigger than what we were expecting. We had to wait 6 more months to June 2015 before we got the message through that it was ours! We spent the previous six months sorting and packing. I did not realise how many things I had accumulated over the 37 years! I had not kept everything over those years, I had thrown some things out! The sorting out was interesting and at times very upsetting. The memories came flooding back of long lost days and loved ones that had gone to be with Jesus. We laughed at the strange objects and useless items that I had no use for! Why I ever bought such things and kept them is a mystery!

The day of the move was a mixture of emotions, happy, sad, scared, relieved but above all blessed. Unknown to me my husband arranged for my daughter to come down from Chesterfield to support me on the day. What a truly lovely surprise! I was so happy that she was there with me on the last day in the house and on the first day of being in our new home.

The first six months is almost up and as the end of the year approaches I am so thankful for all that God has done for us and blessed us with. Our home is coming together with new items and fresh decorating ideas. Our new neighbours are great, warm and friendly. Our old neighbours are our friends and will be for life. 

Never give up on your hopes and dreams as anything is possible!

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